Liz Jordan – Real VR Pleasure – Oops Family

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The boundaries of personal space can often be elusive, particularly when it comes to the intricate dynamics of step-siblings. Cutie Liz Jordan, driven by a simple quest to locate a phone charger, found herself venturing into her stepbrother’s territory after her own room yielded no results. She couldn’t believe her eyes, he was watching VR porn again and jerking off at the same time. So immersed was he in his digital fantasy that he remained oblivious to her presence.However, Liz found herself unexpectedly captivated by the sight of her stepbrother’s impressive and she couldn’t get it out of her head now. She carefully gets into the bed and starts sucking his cock furiously. The guy senses something is wrong, removes his VR set and sees his stepsis giving him head. He tries to stop her but Liz can’t let go of this majestic dick. What’s the matter, she asked: you love VR, so imagine this is one of your fantasies. She jumps on his cock and melts in pleasure. Here is the charge that she needed so desperately. The feel of her stepbro’s throbbing cock in her vagina gave Liz an incredible burst of energy. Reveling in the divine moment, she asks the guy to pound her wet pussy as hard as he can. Unable to restrain her emotions, Liz is overwhelmed with orgasms and the guy blasts a cumshot on her pretty face. This experience, she decided, would become a frequent occurrence in her stepbrother’s room.