Lee Anne, Lex Petersson – Dusk Of Desire – SexArt

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Sexy blonde Lee Anne soaps up her gorgeous body in the shower, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Dusk Of Desire” begins. She masturbates to an orgasm, then towels off and joins Lex Petersson in the bedroom, straddling him and embracing him hungrily. Kissing her way down her lover’s torso, Lee Anne takes his rapidly stiffening cock in her mouth for an eager blowjob, then guides it into her tight pussy. She slides up and down sensually, her beautiful breasts jiggling in Lex’s face as she rides to an intense orgasm. They switch to spoons, rocking together in harmony with Lee Anne’s fingers dancing on her clit as she quivers through peak after peak of pleasure. Moving into missionary, Lee Anne hooks her legs over Lex’s shoulders so he can thrust deep, driving her wild. They roll over, returning to cowgirl and fucking energetically until they orgasm together, Lex’s cum flooding Lee Anne’s creamy pussy.